Introduction paper to an ESGA Member, organizing/applying one of the two ESGA tournaments

The main object of ESGA is to promote and facilitate golf and friendly relations between its members. For this purpose ESGA organizes annually and since 1982 the ESGA Championship & Cup for senior men from the age of 55 as well as since 2000 the ESGA Masters Championship & Cup for senior men from the age of 70.

Both tournaments are team events and consist of a gross and a net competition over three days plus a practice day. The General Assembly (GA), annually held during the ESGA Championship & Cup, decides on the venues at least three years in advance. In principle by rotation of nations.

A delegation of the ESGA Board will arrange a visit to the potential host country/hosting association at least one and a half year before the event. During this visit the organization will be analysed together with the local Organizing Committee on the basis of ESGA checklist. Before a host country/hosting assocation can present its proposal to the GA, the host country/hosting assocation has to receive approval of the ESGA Board.

The host country/hosting assocation presents the dates, the venue(s) and the program at least one and a half year in advance to the board. The presentation should also include information about accommodation and the fees. The ESGA Competition Rules apply as provided on the ESGA website. 

Dependant on local circumstances, such as climate, length of daylight both tournaments should take place not before mid June and not later than September. Avoid clashes with EGA tournaments for seniors!

The ESGA Board intends to watch over and to rise the quality of its tournaments, mainly determined by:

  1. the quality of the organization and communication in the English language
  2. the quality of the golf course(s)
  3. the quality and choice of the hotel(s)
  4. the logistics, accessibility etc.  
  5. the level of the fees.

It is recommended to the organizing assocation to propose an evaluation paper to the captain of each team.

Please study carefully the ESGA Competition Rules incl. the recommendations!

Note to the fees: with respect to differences in more and less expensive countries, the GA is continuously asking to keep the fees as low as possible. Increasing fees may turn out to be counterproductive as members may decide to discontinue participation.

ESGA Committee
GG/July 2014