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History of the European Senior Golf Association 

Since more than a century, amateur senior golfers meet worldwide. After the second World War, the development of golf increased in Europe, accompanied by reinforced friendship among senior players.

President Michael Kieffer from the French Senior Association invited on December 4th 1980 representatives of several European Associations i.e  Belgium, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Portugal, Sweden and Switzerland. It was decided to organize an annual Championship, only for male members of the European Associations.

MM Negre (France), Mondolfi (Italy) and De Bruijn (Luxembourg) were asked to prepare Rules and Guidelines for such an event, stressing the sportive character for golfers of 55 of age and older, and the friendly relationship between European Associations. It was decided to have two competitions: a gross Championship and a net Cup with handicap.

The Italian Association organized the first Championship and Cup at the famous Olgiata Golf Club of Roma from the 5th to 7th of November 1982 and invited all the other European Associations, including at that time Greece, Finland, Iceland and even Ireland. Twelve Associations participated with nearly 100 players, and Sweden won the Championship, while Italy won the Cup.

In 1983, France invited at Saint-Cloud for the Championship and in Sant-Germain for the Cup. 108 players from 12 Associations competed and the winners were respectively Sweden and France.

In 1984, Luxembourg hosted the competitions at the Grand Ducal, with 14 Associations playing, and the development continued fast as you can see on the attached Hall of Fame.

Following a proposal of Spain, it was decided to organize a second tournament for senior golfers of 70 and older : the ESGA Masters Team Championship & Cup, also divided in a gross Championship and a net Cup. This successful initiative started in the year 2000 in Spain, where it was also played in 2001. Since then the tournament has been organized every year in another country.

Since golf took up in the former Eastern European countries, ESGA expanded rapidly with the Senior Golfers Associations of Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia and more countries to come from the Eastern part of Europe.

In 2012, an ESGA website was launched to support the good organization of the championships and is now an operational tool with easy access and interactivity for all the members.

In 2017 a new category was tested in Czech Republic and the year after in Portugal, before being approved by the General Assembly as the ESGA Super Masters Team Trophy for the players of 75 years of age and older.

The statutes of ESGA were registered on the 30th of April 1996. Its head Office is located at the Golf Club Grand Ducal, rue de Treves , Sennigerberg in Luxembourg.

List of Presidents:

Adriaan De Bruijn (Luxembourg)          1982 - 1998

Paul Lozé (France)                                1998 – 2003

Hans Tuyt (Netherl                                2003 – 2010

Philippe Verstraeten (Luxembourg)       2010 – 2013

Georges Gevers (Belgium)                   2013 –

List of Treasurers :

Philippe Verstraeten (Luxembourg)      1998 – 2010

Georges Kieffer (Luxembourg)             2010 –

List of Secretaries General :

 Paul Lozé (France)                               1998

 Philippe Verstraeten (Luxembourg)      1998 – 2008

  Rolf Olland (Netherlands)                  2008 – 2014

  Georges Kieffer (Luxembourg)           2014 – 2016

  Gutmann Habig (Germany)               2016 -

List of ESGA trophies

ESGA Senior Team Championship:

Challenge Raymond Barbier presented by the Association Sportive des Seniors de France. Raymond Barbier was an excellent and keen senior golfer, who won many European tournaments and contributed to the development of the French Accosiation from 1931.

ESGA Senior Team Cup:

Challenge William o’Babb. William o'Babb was an activ British banker who ended his career in Luxembourg, where he contributed to the development of the senior golf activity at the European level and helped directly the first president of ESGA

ESGA Masters Team Championship 70+

Challenge Ivan Maura presented by the Association Sportive des Seniors de France.  In Spain, Ivan Maura was amateur Golf  Champion in 1952,1953 and 1954, with a broad reputation thanks to his participation in tournaments in France, against American and British famous golfers.

ESGA Masters Team Cup 70+

Challenge Adriaan De Bruijn. Adriaan De Bruijn was the first President of ESGA and played a major role in its development 

ESGA Super Masters Team Trophy 75+

Challenge Antonio C. Rebelo presented by the Associaçao Nacional Seniores de Golfe of Portugal in memory of their past president and vice-president of ESGA