Masters 70+ or 65+ ?

In the last General Assembly (2019) it was briefly discussed a proposal to hold the ESGA Masters for players of age 65+ (instead of presently 70+).

This proposal is supported by the ESGA Board as the age intervals 55+ (Seniors), 65+ (Masters) and 75+ (Supermasters) is more logical and has favourable implications for the composition of the teams.

At the General Assembly a clear majority of the participating Presidents showed sympathy for this proposal.

Such a regrouping would require a change of the ESGA Statutes (Art. 4). Thus a 3/4 majority of the ESGA member associations will be needed for implementation.

The Statutes allow voting by mail if the vote is signed by the President or an authorized representative of the association.

The ESGA Board suggests an implementation already for the ESGA Masters 2020.

The proposal is sent to the presidents for a vote by November 30

Helge Wangen