A tribute to ESGA president 2013-2019 Georges Gevers

A tribute to Georges Gevers

The speech made by Annibale Fasciolo, ESGA vice-president, at the General Assembly in Wales, August 2019

Dear Presidents, dear friends,

It is my privilege to say good-bye to Georges Gevers, ESGA President for the last 6 years.

When I met him in 2013, I didn’t know him at all, but being in strict connection with him so long, I could appreciate the man and the gentleman.

No one among all of you has an idea of his dedication to the Association, preserving the principles of fairness, uprightness and friendship.

In fact, friendship is an important word in our Statutes. EGA is promoting golf in Europe, ESGA is promoting golf and friendship among golfers in Europe; Georges always kept in mind this idea and the atmosphere and the success of our Championships, the present one and the Masters, is proving that he was right. He promoted a new event, the +75 Trophy and every year the number of teams competing there is increasing…

Some of you, in the last years, contacted him with different questions: everyone got an answer that, regardless if it was yes or no, was aiming to preserve the principles and the spirit of our Association.

You don’t know, and this is why I tell you, how deep into each problem he was, always totally “on fire”: on the financial aspect with Georges Kieffer, about the website with Helge Wangen, about Rules with me; now he is resigning because there is a Rule, strictly respected, that at the age of 80 it is time to go.

I will miss you, Georges, and so all the Assembly will.

Let me ask all of us to give a standing ovation for Georges Gevers, ESGA President 2013-2019.

Helge Wangen