ESGA Masters Championship & Cup – Competition Rules

I Definitions

ESGA Committee: During tournaments the ESGA Committee shall consist of at least two members, the President and the Secretary or their designated deputies, thus representing the Board of ESGA. At least one of them must be present and the other one attainable for consulting,

Championship Committee: The Championship Committee is an honorary committee, formed by at least four members: the President of ESGA, the President of the hosting National Senior Golf Association and the Presidents of the Clubs, where the tournaments are played, or their deputies. The Championship Committee watches over and shall strive for a good atmosphere during the event and ensure that the tournament is being played in the true spirit of the game. This Committee may give advice to anyone at any time.

Tournament Committee: The Tournament Committee is formed by the organizing Association and is responsible for the organization of the tournament. As a Committee, its responsibility is defined in the Rules of Golf 33 and 34. The composition of the Committee is up to the organizing Association, but shall consist of at least a Tournament Director and a suitable number of referees on the golf courses, including an experienced head referee. One Committee member to be designated as contact person with the ESGA Committee. When needed, external expertise, including from ESGA, may be requested, still under local responsibility and expenses.

II General

The ESGA Masters Team Championship and Cup is an annual tournament of the European Senior Golf Association (ESGA), open to amateur golfers of ESGA Members.

The tournament will take place in the countries of the Senior Golf Associations, rotation not being obligatory. The ESGA General Assembly is entitled to grant the organization of this tournament to a particular Association during one or several years, its choice not being based on who applied first, but on criteria such as accessibility, general quality, economy, climate and other factors.

Every year the ESGA General Assembly will establish the location and the dates of the tournament at least two years ahead. The tournament is composed by the EUROPEAN MASTERS TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP (gross), carrying the name “CHALLENGE IVAN MAURA”, and the EUROPEAN MASTERS TEAM CUP (net) “CHALLENGE ADRIAAN DE BRUIJN”. The host National Association will organize both of them.

Two appropriate 18 holes golf courses must be made available for the tournament of four days.

The language in force is English.

III Entry requirements and fees.

Article 1 Teams

For the Championship, ESGA Members may enter one team of six players, with the exact individual handicap restricted to 20,0 at the time of entry.

For the Cup, ESGA Members may enter one team of six players with the exact individual handicap restricted to 24.0 at the time of entry, but limited to 20,0 in the competition

The handicap of winners may be verified.

Article 2 Entries

Entry forms will be sent out by the organizing Association via the website at least six months before the competition. Entries must be made by fax, e-mail or via the website to the organizing Association at the latest three months before the competition, while players’ names, handicaps, pairings and rankings must be announced ideally two weeks before the event and at the latest three days before the first day of the tournament. Subsequently, no substitutions are permitted.

Article 3 Age

All players must be at least 70 years of age on the first day of the tournament. Every player must conform in all respects to the Rules of Amateur Status.

Article 4 Handicap

Not later than at the Captains’ meeting on the practice day the Captain of each team shall submit the up to date EGA exact handicaps of the players.

a. In a competition played in the EGA area, CONGU players playing handicap = CONGU player exact handicap + (Course Rating minus par), rounded.

b. In a competition played in the CONGU area, EGA players playing handicap = EGA player exact handicap x 124 divided by 113, rounded.

Article 5 Fees

The entry fees shall be determined by the Member Association organizing the tournament, in accordance with the ESGA Board, with one practice day to be granted before the Competition.

IV Format of the Competition

Article 6 Format

The Championship shall be played over 54 holes Strokeplay on three consecutive days, 18 holes per day, gross without handicap allowance. The Cup will be played over 54 holes Stableford on three consecutive days, 18 holes per day, net with handicap allowance. In both competitions, each team will designate pairs, that will stay the same for the first two days.

The format will be:

1st and 2nd day: 4 Ball Better Ball

3rd day: Single

For the Cup, handicaps will be adjusted according to EGA standards for 4BBB, i.e: 90% of playing handicap.

The Tournament Committee may, if necessary, modify the format of the competition, cancel or change the number of rounds fixed in these rules. It is recommended, in case the course is unplayable, to cancel the day and leave the rest of the scheduled programme unchanged.

The best two returned scores of the first two days and the best four returned scores of the third day will count. The team ranking will be based on the total of these scores.

Article 7 Tie

In case of a tie after three rounds the winner shall be determined by the team total of the four returned scores for the third round, then the second round, then the first round. If there is still a tie, the best disregarded score of the last day will count, then the sixth score of the same day and so on for the second and first day. When a tie still exists, the winner will be determined by lot.

Article 8 Rules

The Masters Championship and Cup will be played in accordance to the R&A Rules of Golf. In addition the Local Rules and Conditions of Play of the host Clubs, as prepared by the Tournament Committee.

Article 9 Advice

Caddies are permitted; in addition only the team Captain, while he is not playing, can give advice to his team members on the course (Rule 8).

Article 10 Balls and Clubs

Only balls and clubs conforming to specifications set forth in Appendix II of the Rules of Golf shall be used.

Article 11 Official Notice Board

Starting times, teams’ lists, Local Rules and Conditions of Play, changes in procedure etc. will be posted on the Official Notice Board provided in the Golf Clubs and on the information boards in the hotels. Captains and players should be aware of information posted there. No other information shall be considered official.

Article 12 Starting times and Starting order

The Tournament Committee shall take all related decisions, splitting teams among early and late starting times, but trying to maintain team spirit by grouping the players of the same team at close starting times, assuring equity in flight composition. Starting from two tees is recommended when possible, to avoid early starts and late arrivals. On the final day leading teams will play together, arriving last at hole 18.

Article 13 Captains’ Meeting

The Captains’ meeting will take place at the end of the practice day. The Tournament Director, Head Referee and all Team Captains should attend. Local Rules, Conditions of Play and “Pace of Play policy” (Rule 6-7) will be explained; questions from captains will be answered. Location of the recording areas shall be indicated.

V Special Rules

Article 14 Disqualification

Any team returning less than the scheduled scores in a round shall be excluded from the tournament results. A player disqualified for one day will be able to play the next round, unless otherwise decided by the Tournament Committee.

Article 15 Failure to start - Starting time

Rule 6-3 shall apply The starting time is the time stated on the starter list or the time that is called by the starter, depending on which is later..

Article 16 Buggies

Buggies are not permitted, unless explicitly approved by the ESGA Committee. Exception: if a medical attest, during the tournament, is given to a player who cannot continue playing, the Tournament Committee may grant such a player a buggy, if available. Buggies are also not allowed for Team Captains, while playing or not.

Article 17 Mobile Phones

The active and passive use of mobile phones is prohibited on the course, except in case of emergency, so recognized by the Committee, or to require a referee. In case of repeated breaches, the Tournament Committee may invoke Rule 33-7 “Serious breach of Etiquette” and proceed according to Decision 33-7/8.

Article 18 Distance devices

Distance measuring devices are permitted as specified by the R&A Rules and Decisions.

VI Trophies and Prizes

Article 19 Team Prizes

The “CHALLENGE IVAN MAURA” is offered by the Association Sportive des Seniors de France, which retains ownership. The Trophy will be entrusted to the name of the country whose team is the winner of the ESGA Masters Team Championship.

The “CHALLENGE ADRIAAN DE BRUIJN” will be entrusted to the name of the country whose team is the winner of ESGA Masters Team Cup.

The winning members will be responsible for the engraving and for returning both challenges before the next competition.

Six prizes will be offered to each team finishing first, second and third in the Championship and the Cup.

Article 20 Individual Prizes

Prizes will be awarded to the best gross (Championship) and net (Cup) scores of the Four Ball Better Ball; same for the Singles. In case of a tie, the matchingcard method of the last nine, six, three and the last hole shall be adopted. If there is still a tie, the prize shall be awarded by lot.

VII Recommendations

Article 21

As the friendly and sporting character of the tournaments is an important goal of ESGA, participants should experience the tournament as most enjoyable, while playing, behaving in the true spirit of the game.

The final results should be ready at the Closing/Prize giving ceremony, to be presented and distributed to all team captains and to the ESGA website.

Members of the Tournament Committee, referees and captains should speak and understand the English language.

To avoid slow play:

·        the course length not to exceed 5800m, based on par 72

·        the length of a flat par 3 hole not to exceed 170m

·        flags to be reasonably placed

·        forecaddies to be provided, where necessary

·        the captains to inform their players:

o   to be on the right starting tee 15 minutes before the starting time

o   when searching for balls, to give priority without delay


January 2018