Updated competition rules

ESGA Competition rules

Competition rules updated January 2019

For the Senior Team and Masters Team Championship & Cup, the Competition Rules have been very slightly modified due to the arrival of new rules from R&A. The modifications are mainly the references to the official rules.

On a similar basis, new rules for the Super-Masters Team Trophy (75+) have been written, following the format approved by the General Assembly in 2018 .

In addition an important remark was also decided by the last General Assembly :

Fairness in ESGA competitions :

If there is evidence that a player’s golf ability is not reflected by his handicap, even if it is the official one recorded by his Golf Federation, the ESGA Board, in order to protect the integrity of the whole competition, may at any time, even during the event, apply the EGA HS R.3.16.7 reducing consequently his handicap and/or the Interpretation 1.2a/1 (disqualification). The decision of the Board will be final (no appeal possible). The Member Associations should not include such players in their Cup teams.

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Helge Wangen