Changes in the board

Letter to the presidents

After the unexpected and very sad death of Antonio Rebelo, the ESGA Board held a meeting on the 10/11th of December and took unanimously the following decisions, in conformity with the statutes:

1. Annibale Fasciolo, referee and responsible for the technical matters, receives the title of vice-president.

2. Bart Jan Constandse, president of the Dutch Senior Golf Association since 2013, who had sent on the 9th of November 2018 his formal candidacy to become member of the ESGA Board, is co-opted to end the mandate of Antonio Rebelo. His nomination will be submitted for approval at the next General Assembly, in conformity with the statutes (Art. 7.3). Bart Jan is very well known by most of you, as he did participate many times in the General Assembly meetings.

At the beginning of next year, the new Golf Rules 2019, published by the R&A of St Andrews, will be in application. They were written to simplify the system, with the aim of speeding up the game. They will induce only minor modifications to our “Competition Rules for the Championships & Cups”, i.e. the references to the official new Rules. The amended versions will be sent to you in a near future for approval by mail before the General Assembly meeting, as now allowed by the statutes.

Those changes are favourable novelties; a few are a little dangerous because breaking with old habits. A summary will be placed on our website and we will invite everybody to read them carefully.

We wish you all the best for the New Year 2019.


Yours truly

Georges Gevers


Helge Wangen