General Assembly

An Annual General Assembly (hereafter GA) is being held during the ESGA Senior Team Championship & Cup. All Presidents are invited to the GA at least four weeks in advance. Travel and hotel expenses are for each one’s own account. The agenda will be emailed at least 30 days in advance. All Presidents should attend this meeting. If, by exception, a President is unable to attend, he may send a deputy. A deputy is considered to have full proxy to decide or vote upon items on the agenda.

An attendance list of the GA has to be signed by each President, mentioning the number of individual male members of their Association. This figure determines the annual contribution. A President, resigning after the GA, is not supposed to introduce his successor at the next GA.

Presidents Dinner

After the GA all Presidents or their deputies are invited to a Presidents’ Dinner. Their spouses are welcome as well. This also applies to the members of the ESGA Board and special guests of the President of the organizing country.

Presidents Cup and Ladies Tournament

Usually on the day before the GA a competition is being organized for Presidents, deputies, members of the ESGA Board and - preferably - a limited number of special guests of the President of the organizing country, called the Presidents’ Cup. This Cup can only be won by a President.

If the organizing country has a ladies’ programme, the ladies will have their own competition, usually on the same day and at the same course as the Presidents' Cup.

Participation fee

The Presidents, their spouses, if attending, and the other mentioned guests, taking part in the Presidents’ Dinner and/or the golf competition, must make known their participation beforehand. Unless otherwise indicated, all costs will be for everyone’s own account.

Next general assembly

Thursday - August 9th 2018   18.00-20.00    Spa Hotel Aulanko, HAMEENLINNA - FINLAND

Papers for the general assembly

The agenda for the general assembly will be emailed at least 30 days before the general assembly. 

Minutes from previous General ASSEMBLIES

Gdynia, Poland, Thursday 22nd June 2017

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